91 to 100 - #100DaysOfCode

May 01, 2022

This is my tenth and final post in the #100daysofcode challenge series. On this page I will detail what I have covered during days 91 to 100.

A reminder of the rules for the challenge:

  1. Code for a minimum of an hour every day for the next 100 days
  2. Tweet about your progress each day (follow me @jazibobs)

Day 91 - 30 Apr 2022

Completed another part of the Zenva HTML5 game programming course. Today saw me complete a Donkey Kong clone using Phaser3. Here’s another lovely certificate to add to the collection:


Day 92 - 1 May 2022

Made a start on the final project for the Zenva HTML5 game development course. I’m going to be working with the kontra library which I think is popular with participants of the js13k game jam since it’s so lightweight. Looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

Day 93 - 2 May 2022

Making the most out of the bank holiday weekend and finally caught up on my backlog of days and documenting my progress. I used my hour today to update my personal site with a post about what was covered between days 81 and 90:

See the blog post here

Day 94 - 3 May 2022

Currently undertaking CAT2 professional development so I can teach IBDP computer science in the future. I spent today learning how to write pseudocode using their style guide. Lots of positives to take away from the experience, I found it to be a lot more forgiving than the CIE standards I’ve been using for the last 5 years and I’m happy that it has clear definitions of a wide range of abstract data types.

Day 95 - 4 May 2022

We’ve recently switched to online learning in Beijing so I needed to rejig my programming lessons for my students. Whilst I’m sad to need to delay programming teaching them to work with micropython on our new Pi Pico kits, I hope the students will enjoy the programming challenges I’ve created for them instead!

Day 96 - 5 May 2022

Made a start on the final project for my Zenva HTML5 game development program. I’m working with a lightweight engine known as Kontra.js to build a simple puzzle game.

Day 97 - 6 May 2022

Completed the Zenva HTML5 games programming program by finishing my Match-3 project with Kontra.js, received another certificate to add to the collection.

Zenva HTML5 Games Programming Mini Degree Access the certificate here

Day 98 - 7 May 2022

Continuing with my IBDP computer science training. I was tasked to design algorithms which demonstrate a range of computation thinking methods for students including thinking procedurally, thinking logically, setting out pre and post conditions, thinking concurrently and abstraction.

Day 99 - 8 May 2022

Returned to the old favourite of freeCodeCamp to learn more about Express.js and building my own middleware as part of the backend programming and API course.

Day 100 - 9 May 2022

Final day of 100 days of code! To reflect on the work I completed over the last 100 days I made a visualisation of the different skills I’ve been developing using D3.js and uploaded it to CodePen:

See the Pen 100 Days of Progress - #100DaysOfCode by Jared Rigby (@jazibobs) on CodePen.

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